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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Working for the Dogs

What's happening, friends. It's three
in the morning and I figured what better
time to update the ol' blogger with some fresh new
music for the masses than now.

But let's change the genre up.
How about some hardcore?
How about some new A Day to Remember?

Caution: This could be you. 

Fresh off their new album "What Separates Me From You", 
this is the mighty song "2nd Sucks"

Play it for your grandparents. 
Tell them to Stay Tuned
while you're
at it.

Sunday, November 14, 2010


Howdy doody dandy, childrens. 

Koan Sound have produced their fair share of
chilling drops. This particular song, Akira, is 
probably one of my top five favorite drops of all time.

Click play, sit back, and implode

Have you ever listened to the 
sound of one hand clapping?
It goes something like THIS

And should be played on THIS

Stay tuned.

Friday, November 12, 2010

D.M.C.A. C.S.M.C.

Back in the game, boys and girls. 
Now, I can't post DL links anymore.
DMCA to innocent people like myself. 
BUT I can show in the right direction
to finding any future songs posted. 

Like this lovely track right hurr

Atmosphere - Sad Clown (off sad clown bad dub 2)

(and uh... you didn't hear this from me, but I bet if you
google searched "Sad Clown sct mediafire", you might
find yourself an early Christmas present.)